Little cuty

Winter is here, life is busy and we are so blessed in New Zealand to not have to worry about covid as much as other countries all over the world.

I’m back into my art routine for a few months now (baby is turning one in August) and you can follow my work on Instagram. My insta community is very eclectic, so my posts are very simple. I decided to open a patreon….. feels like a place to share more work in progress and artist life? But it doesn’t feel really smartphone friendly, so I will need a bit of time to get into it properly.

Here is a little puppy to add an image to this chat!

“Pi” watercolors, pencils, ink

Happy new year !

New year, new resolutions. That looks really like the ones from the year before, that already looks like the ones from the year before, that looks…..

Mostly, the point is to try to calm down a bit, take care of myself to be able to take care of the people around me, take care of our Planet, and keep drawing and painting more and more good stories 💚💪

What’s yours ???


Few days ago we went to a roadtrip to the south of the island.

Having oysters from Bluff for Christmas eve, facing the ocean, was changing my mind: missed a bit my family at this special time of the year…

Anyway, I got a new sketchbook and I can’t stop drawing funny strip on it !


Peaceful weekend

As everyone who is his own boss, it’s hard (like almost impossible) for me to NOT WORK.

This weekend I turned a bit older, and decide to escape from my desk for a few days. I’m really proud of it, I enjoyed so much the ocean, the forest, the wild life, friends and good food.

Ok, I might have got with me some paper and pen, just in case….. 🤣

But it was a wonderful weekend, doing nothing in the middle of nowhere. I’m back full of energy and creativity!

Ocean spirit

This weekend I’m gonna see the ocean on the east coast with a few friends. My first proper weekend since weeks (or months?)

Hoping to see some pingouins maybe ? 🙃

Good time to share with you my “water” element !

Leaving a bit the lake to go to the waves 🙂