Rainy day, rainy mood.

Usually, I’m drawing meaningful illustrations for others: today I feel like sharing mine.

The first months of 2019 have been hard times for me. Physically, emotionally…we’ve been through the hardest days.

Autumn is here now, time for forgiveness, time to slow down and make some space to grow.

I hope that the positive, creative and enthusiastic girl I can be and I like to be will be back soon.




Peaceful weekend

As everyone who is his own boss, it’s hard (like almost impossible) for me to NOT WORK.

This weekend I turned a bit older, and decide to escape from my desk for a few days. I’m really proud of it, I enjoyed so much the ocean, the forest, the wild life, friends and good food.

Ok, I might have got with me some paper and pen, just in case….. 🤣

But it was a wonderful weekend, doing nothing in the middle of nowhere. I’m back full of energy and creativity!

Lodbrok’s morning

I feel a bit like a Viking in that cold weather.
It reminded me this quote of Ragnar.
“Don’t waste your time looking back, you’re not going that way.”

I’m looking forward, all my/our projects … from under my warm blanket!

Just need a bearskin rug to keep me warmer…
It’s not really easy to draw with gloves! XD
Happy to work from the bed this morning.

My portrait of Björn, from 2016


Website of this amazing serie (at least the 2 first seasons)