b  If you are a professional who would like to work with me, please contact my agent or email me.

direct email: dineartcontact@gmail.com

I am represented in New Zealand by
Sandra Morris Illustration Agency Ltd
Mobile: +64 210 639 312
email: sandra.morris@illustration.co.nz

c   Si vous êtes Français, contactez-moi directement par email.

If you would like to contact me for anything, please feel free to send me an email.
I read everything, but due to the amount of work I might take a few days to answer. Don’t worry.

email: hello@dinethefox.com

I am a french artist and mom, based in New Zealand.
I studied in a french Art school where I built my skills for illustration, storytelling and character design. 
I feel comfortable working with traditional mediums such as ink, watercolour and pencils, as well as digital techniques. I especially like to illustrate tales, legends, magical and whismical stories that enrich children’s imagination and their relationship to nature and to others. I am aware of the necessary balance between the story and its illustrations, and like to use poesie and humour. I get my inspiration from the nature surrounding me, and the various cultures I had engaged with while travelling.

I like to work for Children’s books, books covers, magazines and graphic novels.

I also do art on humans as a Tattoo Artist at White Tiger Tattoo Queenstown.

On my spare time, I co-run a non-profit Arts & Crafts shop, and sometimes lead art workshops for childrens. 


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